Owning a new Swimming Pool in Brisbane

A Swimming Pool is the ideal way to cool off in the Queensland heat, but can be a lot of work for the average home owner. From water chemistry to scooping, vacuuming, backwashing and everything else involved in maintaining a backyard pool, it can take hours of time that could be better spent swimming with the family.

Pool Maintainence

Getting it right the first time is important for the health of your pool and it’s guests. We’ve found that pool maintenance in Brisbane is often better left to the professional pool men. They will look after the chemicals, the filter and pump, even chlorinators and cleaning.

Most professional pool cleaning experts offer reasonable prices and fast service in Brisbane and surrounding areas, so it’s well worth the extra few dollars spent to ensure everything runs smoothly, after all it’s your families safety and well being that could be compromised if your pool isn’t looked after properly.

Pool Equipment

Once of the most important parts of looking after your new pool is to ensure your new pool equipment is running properly, and all water chemistry targets are met or exceeded including salt levels for chlorinators, pH to protect surface and fittings from scale and stains and ensuing proper maintainence of your gear. Sand in filters should be changed ever 8 years or so, filter cartridges need to be cleaned regularly and even self cleaning chlorinator cells occasionally need to be clecaned of calcium build up.

It’s always best to consult the manual for your equipment or a suitable trained pool professional for advice here.

Hours of fun

And finally, the best part! Looking after your swimming pool properly will almost definitely result in many years of swimming fun for you and your family. There’s no better way to cool down and relax in the warm Brisbane summer months. Look after everything properly and your pool will last for many years to come.

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